Issue 3 (25) 2011 The book use


Mariola Jarczykowa The readers of the „poisonous scriptures”. The history of the reception of the Protestant Reformation polemical works
Katarzyna Wojtek The signs of use in the book collection of Ludwik Brożek
Dorota Dobrucka Literacy of the Polish diaspora in Vienna – the situation and research prospects
Anna Kleiber The analysis of readers’ preferences in the Raczyński Library with Horizon system access
Monika Kulik „Library anxiety” as a factor limiting the frequency of visits in a library
Magdalena Kulus The Arct family for children
Joanna Wróbel The situation of catholic book publishers in Poland before the year 1989
Marta Sierżęga Academic chemistry book market
Barbara Firla Ephemera in the libraries of the art universities
Ewa Dąbrowska The computerization of the acquisition process in the Polish academic libraries – the system capacity and libraries’ need
Małgorzata Pietrzak The speech culture and the classical models