Issue 4 (42) 2015 Security in the library


Wiesław Babik Information Safety in the Library, in the Light of information ecology
Marianna Czapnik Books ownership evidence and their signifi cance in the protection of collections against theft
Галина Иосифовна Колосова Regional Center for Work with Book Artefacts in Tomsk region: history and current state
Andrzej Koziara, Agnieszka Jezierska Security of data and IT systems in libraries. Overview of the legal status
Andrzej Koziara Security of operation of IT systems in libraries – operating models of library systems
Andrzej Koziara, Agnieszka Jezierska Selected practical aspects of providing security of IT systems in the light of the applicable standards
Błażej Mądrzycki Legal aspects of the security in the library – selected issues
Aneta Trojanowska, Tomasz Żarski The role of the Polish Teachers’ Union in shaping the security at work in the academic library
Maria Garczyńska Social security and working in the library
Sławomira Kamińska-Berezowska, Małgorzata Suchacka Sociological factors of job satisfaction and professional development of librarians
Andrzej Ziarko Health risks at librarians’ work – outline of the issue