Issue 3/4 (22) 2010 Archives and archival materials


Mariola Jarczykowa Bibliological sources in Central Archive of Historical Records in Warsaw (selected examples from Radziwiłł Archive)
Mirosław A. Supruniuk Acquisition and cataloguing of the archival collections in the scientific libraries on the example of the Emigration Archives of the University Library in Toruń
Agnieszka Łakomy The value of foreign archival collection for the investigation of history of the book in the period of the Second World War and in the first years after its end, on the example of The Piłsudski Institute in America
Wacław Dubiański
The role of the archival collection of Institute of National Remembrance in the realization of the lustration act
Anna Bieniek The archive’s activity on the example of Archive of University of Silesia
Halina Dudała Archdiocese Archive in Katowice: history, resources and users
Janina Dłużyńska, Bogumiła Warząchowska
The archival-library collection of the editorial archive of „Sunday Guest”