Issue 3 (29) 2012 Law in the library


Piotr Ślęzak Influence of the European Union law on Polish copyright law
Marlena Jankowska Copyright in library activity
Mariola Jarczykowa Copyright and the special collections – the impressions of the old literature researcher
Paweł Snopek The rights and duties of the libraries in light of the copyright law and similar laws. Selected matters
Jacek Tokarski The free software. The basic notions and conditions
Barbara Szczepańska The licensing of the electronic collections in the libraries
Ewa Dobrzyńska-Lankosz The legal status of academic librarians with a special emphasis on qualified librarians
Dinara Ismailova Selected aspects of the libraries’ activity in Kazakhstan (basic laws of the normative acts)
Beata Marek, Daria Gęsicka The open teaching program about the copyright for librarians