Issue 2 (32) 2013 Censorship


Janusz Kostecki Censors in Warsaw between the years 1870-1905
Galina Iosifovna Kolosova The 19th century books forbidden by the censorship in the collection of professor and censor A.V.Nikitenko
Natal’â Genrihovna Patruševa The research on the forbidden books in the 19th and early 20th century in Russia
Agata Muc Prior censorship in the Church law – an outline of the problem
Roland Bärwinkel The censorship in the academic libraries in GDR in the years 1970-1990. A contribution to the unclosed chapter of the libraries’ history
Maria Bosacka The „second circulation” journals in the collections of the University Library in Wrocław
Magdalena Gwioździk Freedom to read. „Censorship” addressed to school libraries in the USA