Issue 2 (18) 2009 Old book


Janusz Pezda The collection of the manuscripts of the Library of the Princes Czartoryski in Krakow
Marzena Smyłła Arrangement of old printings in the age of electronic source of information
Weronika Karlak Cataloguing of old printings in format MARC21. The experience of scientific libraries cooperating with national catalogue NUKAT
Wacław Umiński Congregation of Missionary Priests Library in Cracow – the past and the present
Wacław Walecki Fac simile! Do the same!
Zbigniew Żmigrodzki Bibliophiles and librarians
Leonard Ogierman Elements of the instrumental analysis in the examination of the antique books
Agnieszka Bakalarz Chromatography in the examination of the antique books
Tadeusz Maciąg Microbiological assessment of the conservation state of Paulinians’ book collection in Skałka
Beata Michta Russian Cyrillic printings in XIX-century book collection in Library of Faculty of Philology at the University of Silesia in Sosnowiec
Irena Nowak A found map. Cartographic collection of Library of Faculty of Earth Sciences, University of Silesia