Issue 1 (39) 2015
The cultural heritage of the Silesian clergy


Marcin Worbs Angelus Silesius’ lasting legacy on the example of ecclesiastical song „Jesus, Jesus, come to me” 
Izabela Kaczmarzyk Dyszkursy by Adam Gdacjusz as a preaching attempt to promote the moral harmony among the Silesian Lutherans in the second half of the 17th century 
Jacek Lyszczyna Antoni Stabik – priest, poet and traveller
Norbert Niestolik School and teachers in the biography and work of priest Norbert Bonczyk
Piotr Górecki Priest Johannes Chrząszcz (1857-1928) – pastor, scholar and writer, researcher of the Silesian history
Bogumiła Warząchowska The participation of Katowice bishops in the development of cultural and educational life in Upper Silesia in the years 1922-1939
Katarzyna Tałuć Priest Jan Kudera – researcher of the press history in Silesia
Agnieszka Bajor Bishop Teodor Kubina’s diocesan weeklies in the interwar period 
Weronika Pawłowicz The book collection of blessed priest Emil Szramek
Lucyna Sadzikowska Strength derived from a book: read to exist