Issue 1 (35) 2014 Readers – Collections – Libraries


Aleksandra Sidło Bibliosociology – public perception of books and libraries in the changing society
Justyna Rogińska-Usowicz The use of different sources of information in the individual work of the students at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Empirical studies carried out in the academic year 2011/2012
Sławomir Sobczyk Corfu Reading Society – more than a library
Marek Nahotko The use of technology acceptance models in the study of applicability of the digital libraries
Urszula Knop Polish magazines available online in OPAC catalogue and web pages of the academic libraries of the technical universities – an initial examination
Teresa Wilkoń The post-war editions of K.I. Gałczyński. The history of the reception
Hanna Batorowska Library ́s organization culture and its bibliotherapeutic function
Anna Walczak A good library space. A few notes
Lidia Mikołajuk, Marzena Kowalska The modernization of library buildings in Lodz universities
Maria Kycler Organization and activity of the Academic Libraries Section of the Polish Librarians ́ Association of the District Board in Katowice. Chronicle of events. Part 1. Years 2004-2009