Issue 1 (27) 2012 The academic library users´ education


Maria Bosacka The academic library as an organization that both teaches and studiesę
Aleksandra Marciniak The education of the information users in the polish university libraries. The past and the present
Maria Stachnik The library courses in the Polish and French university libraries: an intent of comparison
Daniel Skwirut The methods of work with the foreign language reader – from postulates and expectations to the practical solutions
Magdalena Janas, Renata M. Zając The promotion of the scientific knowledge and culture in the academic library
Aleksandra Kaszper The library training classes in the University of Silesia library between years 1971 and 2010
Siobhán Dunne, Amanda Halpin Developing an Online Tutorial to Support Information Literacy Skills Provision in Dublin City University
María Jesús Calderón Varona The users’ training on the example of the Library of Humanities, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Galina Iosifovna Kolosova The training and educational aspects of the old manuscripts department – the experience of the Tomsk State University Scientific Library
Aleksandra Marciniak The didactical activity of the non-public university libraries in Poland