Issue 1 (23) 2011 Sport and recreation of librarians


Ewelina Latosik, Karolina Planeta, Agnieszka Stachura „Get a move on or you’ll… rust?” – the reasons and obstacles of taking up the physical activity by librarians from Katowice
Karolina Planeta, Ewelina Latosik, Agnieszka Stachura The physical activity of college and university librarians in Upper Silesian Industrial Region
Ewa Nowak Physical activity of Library of the Silesian Medical University
in Katowice workers

Katarzyna Szaniewska Physical activity in the prevention of the spinal and cardiovascular system diseases in the librarians – a review of the selected forms
Ryszard Gwioździk Relaxation in response to stress – the practical aspect of the matter
Renata M. Zając Librarians and the ballroom dancing: motor skills
and the character features

Renata Ciesielska-Kruczek, Artur Wildhardt
Pastime, tourism and sport in the life of librarians of Pedagogical University of Cracow
Janusz Iskra, Marzena Paruzel-Dyja Athletics for librarians – theoretical and practical knowledge for the enthusiasts of „the queen of sports”
Ewa Pałac Textbooks on tourism. Bibliography of printing in the years 2009-2010