Issue 1 (43) 2016 Children´s book


Igor Borkowski Today we will domesticate death. Thanatopedagogical children’s literature in the contemporary book market in Poland
Katarzyna Biernacka-Licznar, Ewa Nicewicz-Staszowska Prolegomena to the Life and Works of Roberto Piumini
Teresa Wilkoń Genius – a stopped childhood. Aesthetics of K.I. Gałczyński poetry for children
Ewa Repucho A children’s book at the service of printing aesthetics. Publications in the interwar period
Bożena Hojka Cognitive value of the illustrated dictionaries for children
Michał Rogoż The Polish InterWeb Users on The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
Agnieszka Wandel Not only dinosaurs – foreign non-fiction book for children and young adults in the repertoire of Polish publishers
Bogumiła Staniów Reading non-fi ction books by children and young adults in Poland up to 1989 (Research review)
Agata Walczak-Niewiadomska Family Literacy – its genesis and the possibility of use in the public
Ewa Wylężek A Gift that Keeps on Giving – The Idea behind the Bookstart Programme