Information for the authors and procedures

  • The texts sumbitted to the thematic issues are evaluated and qualified to review by the editorial staff. Texts should be prepared in accordance with the publishing instruction and sent to e-mail:
  • Editors expect to receive original texts, never published before, neither in traditional nor electronic version. In case of previous editions, in part or the whole text, please provide the information about the source. Editors refuses to accept texts prepared with a violation of scientific integrity, as well as requires a disclosure of the contribution of individual authors in the creation of the publications (including affiliation and contribution). Editors may also request an information concerning the sources of financing if applies to the case.
  • The articles are submitted to the reviewing procedure, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from 2011.

For the evaluation of each article, the editors appoint at least two (Polish and foreign) independent reviewers. They must not be the members of the editorial board and the scientific council; they must not be associated with the unit of affiliation of the editor in chief or the author of the reviewed text. In justified cases, the reviewer signs a declaration of non-existence of a conflict of interest (defined as direct personal relationships, professional subordination and direct scientific cooperation during the last two years prior to the preparation of the review).

Author/authors of the reviewed text and reviewers do not know their identity (assuming double-blind review process). Once a year in print, and continuously on the home page, the list of the collaborating reviewers is published.

Review has a written form and is made according to the prepared form. At the end is contains an unambiguous assessment permitting the print, conditionally authorizing the print or rejecting the text. The qualification criteria for publication are listed on the website of the journal (see: The form of review). Review text is transmitted only to the autho and includes the information about the time conceded to respond to the comments. Reviews are archived.

The quarterly applies security procedures to protect the originality of the articles. Editors declare that they recognize the „ghostwriting” (if someone has made a substantial contribution to the publication, without disclosing their participation as one of the authors or without mentioning their role in the acknowledgments) and „guest authorship” (when the author´s input is highly insiginificant or never occurred, and yet figures as an author / co-author) as a demonstration of scientific misconduct and violation of ethics. Any detected cases will be unmasked, documented and communicated to the Editor in a most conventient manner.

  • A positive review is required to qualify the text to be printed. Editors reserve themselves the right to include the paper in the issue, shorten the text or introduce any changes, previously agreed with the author. Texts are subject to lingistic and statistic editorial revision in collaboration with the author. The authors are informed about the publication date of the issue cointaining their papers and receive its printed copy.
  • The magazine is on the list the indexed journals by the decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. A publication in Bibliotheca Nostra is awarded with 5 points.
  • The journal can be found on the list Index Copernicus with the assigned amount of 54.69 credits (standardized value – 5.83).


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