Issue 1 (51) 2018 From the theory, history and methodology of the bibliography


Artur Znajomski The bibliographical aftermath of the patriotic ceremonies organized on the Polish lands
Elżbieta Herden Permanence and Persistence: The Bibliographic Output of the Second Polish Republic as Polish Cultural Heritage
Agnieszka Gołda Bibliology statistics in the Second Polish Republic in the light of theoretical statements
Alicja Matczuk „Save from forgetting” – salvage of Polish bibliographic heritage in times of World War II
Anna Gruca Wiesław Bieńkowski (1926-1999) as a bibliographer
Zdzisław Gębołyś Silesian territorial bibliography in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic
Małgorzata Pawlak, Karol Sanojca Problems of structuralization of the Silesian historical bibliography resource
Anna Małgorzata Kamińska The OpenCitations Corpus: an open citations database for scientific publications (as of 2018)
Izabela Swoboda Polish Field Bibliographies as a Source of Data for Bibliometric and Scientometric Research
Anna Małgorzata Kamińska PLOS ONE – a case study of quantitative and dynamic citation analysis of research papers based on the data in an open citation index (The OpenCitations Corpus)