Issue 2 (48) 2017 Contents organization and reception in the digital environment


Marek Nahotko Theory of mental scheme in the study of the evolution of book as a publication genre
Wiesław Babik Information Organisation and Reception in the Digital Environment, in the Context of Information Ecology
Aneta Banaszek-Szapowałowa Every-day reality registration in the selected internet resources in the context of disputes between neighbors (from linguistic perspective)
Mariusz Jarocki Searching for information on the properities of themes for the most popular CMS
Magdalena Wójcik The no user interface approach and its consequences for the design of information services
Natalia Pamuła-Cieślak Quality of Polish open journals applying to Directory of Open Access Journals according of analysis of data from rejected applications
Anna Małgorzata Kamińska The bibliometric potential of the bibliographic database CYTBIN in the light of simple and more complex bibliometric indicators
Marta Gawlik, Edyta Kosik Quotations in the „New Library. Services, Information Technologies and Media „as an element of scientific communication in the digital world
Libuše Foberová The Digital Library of the Moravian-Silesian Region and its Vision
Tomasz Nastulczyk Electronic Database of the Estreicher Bibliography (EBBE) – new functionalities and new research perspectives