Issue 2 (24) 2011 Architecture of the academic libraries


Dariusz Pawelec, Jadwiga Witek Scientific Information Center and the Academic Library – an open library in the social dimension of the city
Dariusz Herman, Piotr Śmierzewski, Wojciech Subalski Lucidus ordo
Henryk Hollender The edifice of the University Library in Warsaw
Katarzyna Maćkiewicz The organization of the architectonical space in the Library of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
Halina Brzezińska-Stec The Jerzy Giedroyc University Library in Białystok in the new edifice – five years of experience
Magdalena Hamerska The Library of the University of Gdańsk – the concept and the experience of use
Aniela Piotrowicz The new base of The Main Library of the Poznań University of Medical Science
Dariusz Kot The miracles can happen, a few words about the restoration of the Bytom City Public Library
Agnieszka Bakalarz The design and construction of the new libraries
Maria Kycler Construction and library equipment. Literature review based on „Polish Bibliological Bibliography” in the years 1981-2007