Issue 1 (61) 2021 Library for users


Stanisława Pietrzyk-Leonowicz, Łukasz Tomczak Activities of the Lublin University of Technology and its staff to increase the visibility of researchers on the web
Aleksandra E. Adamczyk, Anna Szumiec, Katarzyna Wyszyńska #MaszTowCinibie. The library in the social media space
Aleksandra E. Adamczyk, Marzena Smyłła, Anna Szumiec, Katarzyna Wyszyńska CINiBA as the space for dialogue. Exhibition activities of the library
Anna Marcol Supporting teachers in the use of information and communication technologies on the example of the Józef Lompa Voivodeship Pedagogical Library in Katowice
Katarzyna Kucharzewska Bibliotherapy as the form of reading promotion in The Public Pedagogical Library of RODN ‘WOM’ in Częstochowa
Monika Wójcik-Bednarz Open Library. The activity of the Austrian Library in Opole for users
Alina Grabna, Renata Sowada School library work in times of pandemics on the example of Maria Skłodowska-Curie Primary School No 53 with Integration Classes and the Automobile School Complex Library in Częstochowa
Dominika Panek The role of the librarian teacher in the prevention of information overload of students
Elżbieta Hurnik Częstochowa and its surroundings in the works of selected poets at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries